Friday, October 2, 2009

Odds and Ends

The Ducks are thinking about re-instating running back Garrett Blount. I think they should - yes, he cold cocked a guy. But that happens all the time - he just got caught on National TV. Wrong place in the wrong time. Oregon picked a good time to do this - after the big win against the Bears. They are in a positive light now - might as well get what they can. Blount may be a thug, but you have to give the guy a chance. Hopefully he can work out, get in shape and give the NFL a shot. He has a slim chance there, but at least get a shot.

Lots of injuries and big players out of college football this week. Bradford is not going to play in Miami. I am going to take the Hurricanes on that one, even after the loss last week. Tebow was banged up, half of SCs team is out, Clausen for ND is banged up. Lots of problems. So you see upsets. The thing is, the Bears are relatively healthy. But we were creamed. So what is the deal there.

As far as it goes, Matt Summers-Gavin is going to be out, I think, based on a sprained shoulder. He did not play that well last week at Oregon, but that may have had something to do with him being out sick all week. I think that the Bears need pop off the ball every play. SC has a very good defensive line, so far, as usual. The cost of this could be more pressure on Riley. Or, Boskovich could step up. There needs to be an improvement on the offensive line this week in any event.

Most of the other starters are back. Hill is starting again over Hagan. I think that is no big deal this week. Barkley is, so far, not that great. This will be a battle of SC defense against the Cal offense. I think the Bears handle the SC offense OK. The question is, can we score on them. We only scored 3 against them last year down there. If Riley can not hit the open man, it may be the same game over again. Of course, they only scored 17 against us - meaning we held them to their lowest total of the season last year.

I think the Bears can score 28 or so with a big crowd and pretty good talent, hopefully refocused and playing loose. The question is, can SC score that many?


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