Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The World is Sane Again

The bears crushed the furd over the weekend. And when I say crushed, I mean dominated them physically and made them understand that there was not chance they were going to win.

Maybe I was the only one in the stands who knew the Bears were going to win. But I just did not see Jeff Tedford losing to Harbaugh when so much was at stake. This was not for some sort of Pac 10 title or national respect. This was for survival. This was to keep his legacy at Cal alive, and to continue the drum of moving the program along. Here is what happened:

1) We beat two top 25 teams in a row for the first time since 1950.
2) We extended our streak of victories over the furd to 7 of 8.
3) We took the furd out of the Rose Bowl discussion, and put them into the Emerald Bowl or Poinsettia Discussion.
4) We moved ahead of USC in the AP poll.
5) We set the stage for a 10 win season, after all of the problems that we had earlier in the season.
6) We made Tiger Woods cry.
7) We established Jeff Tedford as the guy to take us through the tough times, and to bring us to National Prominence...once again.

That was the best big game that I have ever been to. And the first one I went to was in 1982. But that was before I went to Cal. The 1986 was good, the 2002 one was fantastic. But this one is the best. And it is because this one restored the hope that somehow was losing bear fans.

I have no idea what the deal was with this season. But people were pissed off when the Bears lost three games. Even after everyone knew at the beginning of the season that a 10 win season was good, and a 13 win season was probably not going to happen, the Bear fans were suicidal. But somehow, beating those smug bastards at their place, taking it over, dominating them physically, and picking them off at the end, and taking the field - all of that seems to have made up for so much. Yes, on the message boards, the true haters still try to spew some vindictive dribble, but frankly it is not working. The Bears are back, baby, and fire tested. This season is going to be a growing season for this program. We are only going to get better.

This was a huge win