Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bring on Ohio State

The Bears, on the back of Jamal Boykin's great last 30 seconds, advances to the next round of the NIT, playing Ohio State on Monday night.

Boykin collected an offensive rebound off the second missed free throw by Ryan Anderson (who ended with a huge game himself - 26 points and 6 rebounds) with 31 seconds left in the game, and the score tied. After the bears wasted 26 seconds or so, Boykin drove to the hoop, got fouled, and sank two free throws to end the game in a W.

This was a pretty exciting game for the Bears. Anderson had a great game, mostly scoring in the first half, but certainly having a great game.

Hardin foulded out with about 6.5 minutes left, and Boykin took over to bring the game home.

You can kid all you want, but if you do win the NIT, then that is something. We have a bit to go, but i have to say that New Mexico is a pretty good team. It was nice to see the Bears do something against a decent team. We'll see how it is in Columbus next week. Hopefully the Bears can beat those guys.

This is the rematch of the 1960 National Championship game - Pete Newell's final game as a Cal coach. That was the last time we played the Buckeyes. Let's get some revenge.


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