Friday, September 25, 2009

Early Scores

Old Miss laying an egg against South Carolina is interesting. They are going to drop like a rock into the 15 rank level. I do not see them seeing the top 10 again this year unless they beat Alabama and then Florida in the SEC championship game. Good news for the Bears if they can win this week.

Also, Missouri wins a tight one against Nevada. The Big 12 once again showing it;s fearlessness scheduling a creampuff and almost losing it all. No votes for them, I think.

The Preseason is almost done. I am excited to see the other teams start to drop like flies. If the Bears take this against the Ducks, look to see gameday in Berkeley next week, and hype like you have never seen it. The Bears love hype at home. It is the pressure on the road that has sometimes gotten to them.


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Anonymous said...

As to the "Gameday" comment? They hinted such on the program this morning. Cal will have to win, though.